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Al-Ewan Medical Company was established in 1993 as a limited liability company to provide state-of-the-art medical services to the population of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, by focusing its activities on healthcare and related fields.

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Our Founder

Dr. Saleh bin Abdulaziz Al-Fahhad


The group has a targeted vision in the development of national cadres and clearly contribute to the expansion and development in all fields and the development of Saudi cadres and to have a constructive and remarkable role in the development of the Saudi economy in various fields in a manner befitting the name The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is consistent with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


Contributing to supporting the Kingdom by not relying on resources Dependence on the economy as a trading system, such as oil Industrial industry to have a meaningful and tangible role in exporting abroad. The Kingdom and the development and growth of the national cadres in that in what befits and is similar to developed countries. One of our most important goals is to maintain leadership and originality at the level of the services provided by the company and satisfy the Saudi community and its development.


About us

Al Ewan Medical Company was established in 1993 by Dr. Saleh Al-Fahhad specialized in the operation and maintenance of hospitals as well as city cleaning and waste management. In 1996 the company expanded its activities to sales & marketing of medical products .

Al Ewan Medical Company is a subsidiary of “TWAIK Holding Group”. Al Ewan started its activities in 1993. It is headquarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital city. With branches in the Eastern and Western regions. ​

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