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Orthotics (Braces & Support; Joints)




Products by Therapeutic Application

Rehabilitation & Disability care >>

Ottobock Mobility:


We offer Otto Bock Mobility products to support an active lifestyle for people with restricted mobility. The range of products covers wheelchairs, Seating System, Standing Devices, Seating System for Daily Mobility, Kids Stroller, Seating Shell, Children Car Seat, Therapy Aid,  and custom special seating systems etc. 

Ossur offers a huge range of Orthotic solutions, Braces & Support which are classified as OA Solutions & Injury Solutions :

Becker Orthopedics offer orthotic components. The product included cervical, spinal, and prefabricated orthoses, hip and knee joints, torsion and Denis Brown splints, and a variety of other products.

Prosthetics Solution

We cover Prosthetic Solutions from Ossur. Ossur is continuting R&D to bring new and innovative products to give a new mobility in life:

Mobility, Seating & Standing System


This is LEVO: The touch of a lever elevates you to a safe, comfortable standing position to interact with your active life. At work, in school or at home, LEVO standing wheelchairs, offer exactly what you need: Independence, Mobility, Support, Health and Quality.


Performance Health Products are designers and manufacturers of innovative seating and positioning equipment for the disabled and infirm, especially wheelchair users. Driven by a core principle of Productive Empathy, its collective and holistic approach to research, design and manufacture results in products which maximize comfort, function and long term health


R82 produces technical aids and appliances for disabled children and young people throughout the whole world. R82 develops products tailored to individual needs. Through comprehensive development R82 is constantly moving forward - but without compromising quality of service and closeness to the customer.



Tendercare designs and manufactures its own brand of children’s supportive pushchairs and bespoke Modular Seating systems.

The product range is mainly designed to match the needs of disabled children of all ages. The company is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of special needs pushchairs in the UK.


Tendercare understands the importance of finding a pushchair, car seat or seating system that is most suitable for your disabled child's needs. With that in mind, they offer a demonstration and assessment service.

Wheelchair Cushion & Mattress


ROHO® provides quality products and support to individuals who seek skin protection, positioning and comfort solutions. ROHO manufactures seating and support surfaces to prevent pressures sores from its patented "Dry Flotation" Technology. ROHO® covers Wheelchair Cushions, Wheelchair Back, Mattress Support Surfaces, Pressure Mapping system, Wheelchair Seating Accessories etc.

Medical Shoes & Insoles

We offers a wide range of Medical Shoes, Surgical Shoes, Diabetic shoes and Insoles from EMO, Spain & Schein Orthopedic, Germany:


Incontinence Management Aids

MANFRED SAUER GmbH offers wide variety of in-continence management products. Manfred product range includes self-adhesive urinary sheaths, latex urinary sheaths, urine collection bags, single use catheters as well as accessories and spare components to be suited for persons in wheelchairs, able-bodied persons, persons confined to bed and persons with partial incontinence

Rehabilitation Materials, Machinery & Tools

Schein Orthopedic Service, Germany offers a wide range of products in Rehabilitation Materials, Machinery and Tools, Workshop setup. In machinery, we offer Socket Router, Band Saw, Drilling Machine, Dust Extractor, Bench Grinder, Lathe, Deep Drawing Device and many more.

CAD/CAM System

We offer state of the art CAD/CAM system from Vorum, Canada. We have establish CAD/CAM center in leading hospitals in Saudi Arabia: